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3 Ways SEO and PPC work together in 2022

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a great method for increasing the chances you'll get clicked on Google. It's a free way to optimize your website and increase traffic through organic clicks. It involves keyword research, alt text, content marketing and more. In contrast, PPC is a paid method and involves using certain keywords and descriptive text to hold a sponsored ad position on Google where you appear at the top of the search results. It stands for pay per click and can work with SEO in 2022 to provide optimal results for your business.

These are 3 Methods SEO and PPC can work together in 2022:

  • Keyword Collaboration

  • SERP Domination

  • Elevated Brand Awareness

Keyword Collaboration

One could do some quick research on what SEO keywords are helping them rank and then base your ad copy for PPC on those specific keywords. This is a collaborative effort and makes use of keywords you used during content marketing to boost your position through paid ads. You can essentially share data between the two channels. This also works the other way around. You can use your best performing keywords from PPC and then use that for SEO content marketing. Keyword collaboration is an effective method to ensure that you'll rank on SERPs. One will have more than one method by which they will appear before other businesses on search engines.

SERP Domination

With over a trillion searches on Google a year, it's vital that you use a combination of both PPC and SEO to help you dominate the SERPs. SERP stands for search engine result pages. It's what is shown on Google when you do a search. The first result in Google earns about 32% of all clicks. Clearly, you want to rank high to see results and get traffic to your website. This is how your business gains traction.

Elevated Brand Awareness

When somebody engages with a PPC ad (typically at the top of Google's search results) they are then directed to a landing page and from there, one can navigate to the main website and explore the website. In the future, when that individual is doing a similar search, they are more likely to click on that website as they've already become accustomed to it before. So, if you appear organically and are running paid ads as well, this will result in elevated brand awareness. Gaining someone's trust through a landing page and subsequently the main website will result in gaining traction for your business. People are more likely to engage with content they've seen before. This is another reason SEO and PPC can work well together.

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