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How Digital Marketing Has Changed

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

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Over the past decade, digital marketing has changed quite a bit. Social media changed the atmosphere with places like Facebook and Twitter. These social media outlets are now at the forefront of the web marketing space. Boosting posts on Facebook and writing an SEO friendly tweet can help to enhance your marketing tactics. There are many things you can do now considering Google is constantly on top of the SEO space. Google changes their algorithms and continuously makes changes to what they deem pertinent. Google's Panda update in 2011 made black hat SEO practices harder to do. Updates like that changed the course for web optimization and digital marketing.

Web marketing vs. traditional becomes relevant when you discuss how marketing has changed digitally over the past 30 years. Traditional marketing is paper based and gets sent out in the form of magazines, pamphlets, bill boards, etc. Digital marketing on the other hand is all done online. Back then, it was difficult to get answers to niche search queries (Google was born in 1998) but since then, things have changed. Google changed the worldview. Before Google, Archie was the first search engine tool (1990). This was revolutionary. For the first time, people could have a search engine answer their questions and queries. Search engines have grown a lot since the original days of Archie. Now, SEO plays a fundamental role in where you rank on the engines. How you implement keywords and meta tags plus all the alt text that goes into image code plays a large role in how you rank.

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