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How Digital Marketing Helps Small Business

4.4 million new businesses were started in 2020. That's almost a 25% increase from the year before. Small businesses happen constantly. They're creative as well. During the pandemic, many small businesses adopted new technology protocols, started using hand sanitizer in production lines and became more card-based because contact is burdensome during COVID-19. One option that's still available to small businesses during the pandemic is digital marketing. Digital marketing helps you go where customers are looking. It's global as well. A global audience is accessed through web marketing services. Over 4 billion people use the internet in 2021. By applying digital marketing methods, you reach these 4 billion people more easily through search engine optimization techniques and paid advertising. There's also social media marketing, email campaigns, web design and other distinct methods.

Programming and code displayed on a laptop

A small business deciding to promote their services and products online can choose to do it internally. To see how I can help, visit my services page. Companies may feel more comfortable hiring a digital marketing agency that has 10s, if not hundreds, of employees but a lot of work is out there for freelance web marketers. A personalized plan that caters to the needs of a small business is important. An effective digital marketer

  • Personalizes services

  • Weighs the pros and cons of SEO vs. PPC

  • Promotes on social media

  • EAT (Expertise, Authority and Trust)

  • Writes clearly and conveys the message well

For small businesses to prosper through digital marketing, they need to reach their target audience effectively. They need targeted campaigns and SEO strategies that reach the right people. Businesses need to put great products in front of interested customers and this is all done through targeting. Email campaigns are great as well in addition to forums and internet communities. The strategies that companies incorporate need to be planned and well thought out.

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