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Is Search Engine Optimization Worth It

Starting a business is one thing, but promoting it online is another. That's where SEO (search engine optimization) comes in super handy. It helps one optimize their business on the internet through techniques such as content marketing, meta descriptions, hashtags, alt text and more. These days, the majority of time spent online is on search engines. Ranking is becoming a priority. After all, if a company ranks on a search engine, there's a higher chance that business will get clicked on. SEO is a method to help businesses and websites have access to better traffic. Pay per click requires an investment and is not a free option. Pay per click is the sponsored ads you see at the top of Google's search results.

Having long form content on a website is noticed as favorable by Google's search bots. Google has spiders (crawlers, search bots) which are automated AI bots that scan websites and follow links. This leads to indexing which means your website is discovered on Google. Indexing is when Google assesses the information on a page and stores it on the Google index which is a large database. Google looks at three factors to determine how high you rank. An acronym to remember it by is EAT (expertise, authority and trust). When crawlers scan the internet, they look for backlinks. This helps establish authority. Expertise is determined through the effectiveness of the content. On my webpage, I try to establish trust by having testimonials and an effective services page.

Ultimately, SEO is worth it. By establishing the EAT factors, you can rank on Google. Instead of paying for sponsored ads, you can write blog articles for content marketing. This way when the spiders scan your webpage, you will already have invested time in SEO strategies. The AI bots notice this and prioritize your site in terms of how high it will rank.

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