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Web Marketing vs. Traditional

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Now, more than ever, people log into their Amazon account to buy goods. They find items on the internet because of digital marketing efforts. Digital marketing has been on the rise for 3 decades now but does this mean it's outpacing traditional marketing?

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The 90s

Radiohead, Audioslave, Sony Discman, and of course the advent of digital marketing (web marketing). The tone in the 90s defined future generations. But what was the state of web design and web marketing in the 90s like anyway. For one, it was very challenging to get an answer to a specific search query. Digital marketing was more challenging in the 90s and web design experts had a difficult time building upon foundational principles due in part to the smaller number of search engines (Google wasn't born till 1998). Traditional marketing techniques like phone calling and Super Bowl Ads have been around for much longer but they are also more expensive. Pamphlets being sent to homes can put a business anywhere from $5k-10k in the hole. They're expensive!

Learn more about the history of digital marketing here

Web marketing is outpacing traditional

Gracewood Artworks is a business I manage. One would think it would thrive in a brick and mortar setting because Al, the craftsman, makes rustic home decor. It's light and easy to carry and would be ideal for brick and mortar. But we've thrived off of Etsy ads and digital marketing and social media platforms. Case at hand - digital marketing is clearly the winner. So is web marketing outpacing traditional marketing? In many instances, I believe so. Digital marketing has become progressively popular in the last few decades and with the advent of social media from '97 till its explosion today, we're truly seeing a revolution in web marketing. This doesn't rule out traditional marketing either. Just the other day, a guy came to look at our yard to eventually provide an estimate about how much rearranging some plants and cleaning the yard would cost. I asked him if he needed any digital marketing services and he says he primarily markets through Everybody's Business which is a pamphlet that goes door to door. He never got back to us... But point is, traditional marketing is still active and useful for certain industries, but again, it's expensive. You can accomplish the same tasks through SEO and a controlled and organized optimization strategy. Important Internet Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2022 (

Digital Marketing in today's society

4.48 billion people use social media in 2021 and 4.3 billion people use Google. These numbers are only projected to increase. With so many people on platforms like Instagram and Facebook it's no wonder that digital marketing is on the upsurge in today's society. Ads on these platforms are very effective and Google AdWords is providing solutions to many businesses namely legal, solar, HVAC, insurance, real estate and even e-commerce amongst others as digital marketers are learning methods to lower their pay per click. Web 3.0 is providing lush advertising opportunities, it's a space that people can interact and communicate in and it's decentralized as well. So overall, digital marketing in this modern era is booming and there are opportunities opening up for web developers to work with new companies and expand their horizons.

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