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Will Digital Marketing be Automated?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Creativity seems to be distinctively human. After all, we have a whole hemisphere, the right one, which is responsible for creativity. Digital marketing demands right brain creatives to engage in a process that is partially creative and partially automated. By getting creative with keywords, both short-tail and long-tail, human beings can draw from their inventive nature to utilize tools like Ubersuggest and SpyFu. Automation software like LeadRebel can help digital marketers focus on more nuanced tasks and avoid excessive data entry and input. Nonetheless, a digital marketer will be necessary to facilitate business marketing efforts for promotional means. You have to learn the product, the service and the website effectively and absorb its qualities and this is hard to do with AI.

robot.  the automation revolution.

Changes over time

There are a lot of new trends in digital marketing. Marketers need to adapt to these changes such as Google's emphasis on backlinks, SERPs (search engine result pages) continuously changing, user engagement and personalized content in your Google search. AI isn't advanced enough yet to keep up with these changes, so web marketing is still a necessity. Technology comes with risks and only humans can solve these uncertainties. So ultimately, humans are necessary. There are certain things that are automated like AI suggested marketing content or voice search but again, digital marketers are a necessary part of the process to help facilitate the automation. These are all some of the changes that are happening in digital marketing as it slowly becomes more automated. The automation revolution will put many people out of jobs. Yuval Noah Harari, a historian and Israeli public academic, has spoken much about automated changes to the workspace and how the future seems grim from a certain perspective. But he feels that certain fields will prosper such as engineering. He feels that design will come to the forefront of modern thinking and methodologies for businesses. Machines can't imitate critical thinking. More things like rote memorization will become part of what machines will do during the automation revolution and ultimately certain workflows will become automated but this will only leave more room for critical and creative thinking.


We're headed into an era where more tasks are automated but right-brain creatives are still an integral part of the marketing industry. Tasks like critical thinking and problem solving while getting creative with marketing plans and strategies are essential to a successful campaign. Softwares are being introduced that automate data entry and analysis and there are campaigns that are being fully automated but marketers still play a key role in helping facilitate these processes. So in conclusion, digital marketing is still a necessity (by humans that is) and AI driven processes will further the integration between human marketers and automated activities.

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