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Gracewood Artworks

I designed Gracewood Artworks website.  I manage Al - the craftsman's - presence and the business.  By planning methods that enhance sales and help to grow his brand, I've largely helped his business.  He's a fine rustic craftsman and his rustic décor is worth a lot.  I push towards exceptional SEO practices for the website such as changing the meta data and using long-tail keywords to improve traffic and increase sales.

Gracewood Artist.  Gracewood Artworks banner, rustic decor site.

Lofi - Electrojazz by Mateen J

As an avid jazz piano player and lofi electronic artist, I aim to relax the listener and provide a premium listening experience.  You can purchase my newest album here.  Enthusiasm in jazz and prime electro-jazz production are hallmarks of my musical style.  My music is chill and concurrently upbeat.  Please email or call for licensing inquiries.  

Mateen J graphic.  Drawing of Mateen J.

CFXtreme Home Solutions

Designed this website and respond to messages on the Facebook group.  It's a home renovation business and since the owner started to work with me, he's taken up a few new projects.  He's very satisfied with the website and will recommend me when people are in need of my services.

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